2017 SEA Games Philippine Final Medals

This is the final medal tally for Team Philippines in the Athletics, Cycling and Triathlon events in the recently concluded 2017 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2017 sea games final medal tally
Source: https://www.kualalumpur2017.com.my/seagames-country.cshtml

Men’s Athletics 

  1. Agravente, Jeson Oyco – track
    1. marathon
  2. Lopena, Anfernee – track
    1. 100 meters
    2. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
  3. Toledo, Ariestrack
    1. 4 x 400-meter relay – BRONZE
    2. decathlon – GOLD
  4. Ferrera, Arniel – field
    1. hammer throw – BRONZE
  5. Bagsit, Archand Christian Dimaano – track
    1. 200 meter
    2. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
    3. 4 x 400-meter relay
  6. Camino, Immuel Candole – track
    1. 3,000-meter steeplechase
  7. Ulboc, Christopher Jr. – track
    1. 3,000-meter steeplechase
  8. Bautista, Clinton Kingsley – track
    1. 110-meter hurdle – BRONZE
  9. Alejan, Edgardo Jr. – track
    1. 400 meter
    2. 4 x 400-meter relay – BRONZE
  10. Neri, Elbren – track
    1. 1,500 meters
  11. Cray, Eric Shauwn – track
    1. 100 meters – SILVER
    2. 400-meter hurdle – GOLD
    3. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
    4. 4 x 400-meter relay – BRONZE
  12. Obiena, Ernest John – field
    1. pole vault
  13. Ubas, Janry – field
    1. long jump – BRONZE
  14. Gonzales, Kenny – field
    1. javelin throw
  15. Lasangue, Manuel Jr. T. – field
    1. high jump
  16. Vilog, Marco – track
    1. 800 meters – SILVER
  17. Diones, Mark Harry – track
    1. 4 x 100-meter relay
    2. field (triple jump) – SILVER
  18. Medina, Francis Tiaga – track
    1. 400-meter hurdle
  19. Calano, Melvin – field
    1. javelin throw – BRONZE
  20. Guarte, Mervin – track
    1. 800 meters
    2. 1,500 meters – BRONZE
  21. Del Prado, Michael Carlo – track
    1. 4 x 400 meter relay – BRONZE
  22. Unso, Patrick Ma. – track
    1. 110-meter hurdle
    2. 4 x 100-meter relay
  23. Malipay, Ronne – field
    1. triple jump
  24. Ruiz, Tyler Christian – field
    1. long jump
  25. Beram, Trenten Anthony – track
    1. 200 meters – GOLD
    2. 400 meters – GOLD
    3. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
    4. 4 x 400-meter relay – BRONZE

Women’s Athletics

  1. Richardson, Kayla Anise Maico – track
    1. 100 meters
    2. 200 meters
    3. 400 meters
    4. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
    5. 4 x 400 meter relay
  2. Richardson, Kyla Ashley Maico – track
    1. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
  3. Luzon, Eloiza – track
    1. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
    2. 4 x 400-meter relay
  4. Obiena, Emily Jean – field
    1. pole vault
  5. Palabrica, Evalyn – field
    1. javelin throw – BRONZE
  6. Santos, Katherin Khay – track
    1. 4 x 100-meter relay
    2. 4 x 400-meter relay
    3. field (long jump)
  7. Sunang, Marestella – field
    1. long jump – BRONZE
  8. Atienza, Narcisa – track
    1. heptathlon
  9. Buenaventura, Riezel – track
    1. 4 x 100-meter relay
    2. 4 x 400 meter relay
  10. Villarito, Rosie – field
    1. pole vault
  11. Sumalpong, Reah Joy Pitogo – field
    1. javelin throw
  12. Tabal, Mary Joy Reyes – track
    1. marathon – GOLD
  13. Nelson, Zion Rose – track
    1. 100 meters
    2. 200 meters
    3. 400 meters
    4. 4 x 100-meter relay – BRONZE
    5. 4 x 400-meter relay

Men’s Cycling

  1. Caluag, Christopher John – BMX
  2. Corpuz, Mervin Barnachea – track (scratch race / ominum)
  3. Caluag, Daniel Patrick – BMX – BRONZE
  4. Perez, Dominic – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  5. Oconer, George – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  6. Aquino, Jerry Jr. – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  7. Mier, John Renee – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  8. Felipe, Marcelo – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  9. Galedo, Mark John Lexer – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  10. Oranza, Ronald Nozuelo – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  11. Lim, Rustom – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)
  12. Boots, Ryan Cayubit – road (individual mass start / criterium / team time trial)

Women’s Cycling

  1. Salamat, Marella Vania – road (individual mass start / criterium)
  2. Fines, Sienna Elaine – BMX

Men’s Individual Triathlon

  1. Chicano, John LeeramsSILVER
  2. Huelgas, Nikko BryanGOLD

Women’s Individual Triathlon

  1. Mangrobang, Marion KimGOLD
  2. Adorna, Ma. ClaireSILVER





2017 SEA Games – 3rd Update

Two golds for a Filipino athlete.

Source: Pinoyfitness.Com

This is an almost one-week late entry for the updates regarding Athletics Team Philippines in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It was a fateful event for the athletics team when Trente Anthony Beram won two gold medals, one in the 200-metres event and the other in the 300-metres dash in the men’s category.

A silver medal was added when Marco Vilog finished the men’s 800-metre event on a second place.

The third place in the men’s 1,500-metre event was won by Mervin Guarte, taking home a bronze medal for the team.

In the distaff side, it was not time yet for Zion Nelson and Kayla Anise Richardson to grab a place in the top three placings when they failed to get into the final in the women’s 200-metre event.

Both the men and women of the athletic relay team won bronze medals in the 4 X 100M relay event, the men finishing with a time of 39.11 seconds while it was a time of 44.81 seconds for the women’s event.



2017 SEA Games – 1st Update

The Philippines already have 3 gold medals as of 21 August 2017.

Source: Tempo

The first gold medal was won by Mary Joy Tabal by finishing at 2:48:26 last 19 August 2017 in the marathon event of the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was a Cebuana marathoner who had several issues before she was finally allowed to participate in the 29th SEA Games. She was only allowed when she agreed that she will bring Rene Herrera as her official coach and her long-time coach, John Philip Dueñas. She already bettered her 2015 SEA games silver medal record of 3:04:39 and her 2016 Olympics personal record (PR) of 3:02:27 in Rio de Janeiro. She still has to be her personal best record of 2:43:31 at the Ottawa Marathon in 2016 which was her qualifying record for the 2016 Olympics games held in Rio de Janeiro.

It was unfortunate for her fellow runner, Jeson Oyco Agravante to have suffered cramps during the men’s marathon event enabling him to unsuccessfully not finish the event.

For the second and third gold medals, it was triathletes Nikko Huelgas and Kim Mangrobang, who won it both for the men’s and women’s triathlon event of the 2017 SEA Games. They won at the Water Sports Complex in Putrajaya, Malaysia last 21 August 2017.

Source: Sports.inquirer.net

Nikko Huelgas won with a personal record of 1:59:30 complementing his record when he won in the same event of the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore. On the other hand, his fellow triathlete, John Chicano was able to capture the silver medal adding a boost in the triathlon record of the Philippines.

It was also the same matter in the distaff of the triathlon event. Kim Mangrobang who was the silver medallist in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games in Singapore, bagged the gold medal. Her fellow triathlete, Claire Adorna, was able to win the silver medal for the women’s triathlon event.

Source: Sports.inquirer.net



Kilian Jornet reached the summit of Mount Everest, twice

Unbelievable but possible running feats of Kilian Jornet in Mount Everest.

Kilian Jornet reached the summit of Mount Everest for the second time in a week on Sunday, May 29. Kilian did not use fixed ropes or supplemental oxygen during his climbs.

Click here for the video and this video.



22-year-old woman won a 50km (31 miles) ultramarathon wearing sandals

Winning a 50km (31miles) ultramarathon wearing sandals is possible.


A 22-year-old woman from Mexico’s Tarahumara indigenous community has won a 50km (31 miles) ultramarathon wearing sandals.

María Lorena Ramírez defeated 500 other runners from 12 countries in the female category of the Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo in Puebla, in central Mexico.

She ran without any professional gear, and her pair of sandals was reportedly made from recycled tyre rubber.

The Tarahumara are famous for being excellent runners.

The race was held on 29 April, but only now has word about her victory spread.

Apart from the sandals, María Lorena Ramírez wore a skirt and a scarf in the race. She did not have any professional training.

She finished the race in seven hours and three minutes, and was awarded 6,000 pesos ($320; £250).

Reports said her job is herding goats and cattle, walking some 10-15km every day.

Last year, she came second in the 100km category of the Caballo Blanco ultramarathon, in Chihuahua.



Oldies but Goodies

Started late and now keeps on going by running on a late age.

Source: Pinoy Fitness

Rosalinda Ogsimer is a 69-year old ultramarathoner. She lives in Parañaque City, Metro Manila. She has a very supportive husband with whom she has four children. She did her first half-marathon at the 2013 Run United Philippine Marathon while her first full marathon was at the 2015 The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.

She was motivated by her eldest son who is a triathlete. Her first run was a 5K at Greenfield City back in 2012. Her training regimen includes running three times a week, 5K to 10K on weekdays and 16-21K on weekends. She also takes multivitamins, vitamin C, and B complex.

Her typical day starts by waking up at 3:45am especially every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Running 5K, doing exercise in her little gym at home, doing treadmill and bodycraft.  After that, she goes to work as an assistant to her husband’s clinic.  She sleeps around 10pm after watching her favorite TV series.

Her words of wisdom: “Determination, perseverance, and regular practice are important.”

Click this video about her.