Why I Chose To Have A Firefly

This is my personal opinion, views, and reviews on the Firefly Magnum Aurii mobile phone.



Screenshot using my Firefly Magnum Aurii mobile phone


As the year ends, allow me to do another personal post.

I’m a tightwad when it comes to mobile phones. I go for usefulness instead of style. Durability over cuteness and sleekness.

I also do not use the camera often. I am not fond of using the camera on phones except for emergency and family reasons. The one phone that I used to love before because of its camera features is my old Xperia mini-10 and for that, I am a proud owner and contented owner of a Sony Xperia phone. I rarely even use radio and sounds for passing by time.

Plus if I lost it, no regrets since its only a few thousand pesos only.

I can buy phones with brands such as Samsung, Oppo, or even a Huawei phone but I just don’t want to.

Things have changed. There is a rapid growth of technology. Technology moves faster, even bitcoins are moving upwards, although volatile in its nature. With this succession in technology, I need to be updated and upgraded too. Hence, I bought a Firefly Magnum Aurii mobile phone last 20 October 2017 via an online store and the package arrived last 26 October 2017. I should have posted this last 26 December 2017, which was also the birthday of my Mom, for the two months of testing and usage of my Firefly Aurii Magnum but opted to postpone until my last blog post for the year 2017 which is today, 28 December 2017.

This will be put to test when we go to Southeast Asian countries next year. I am currently and constantly exploiting its capabilities via burn-in tests by installing games such as Ingress, Asphalt, Cover Fire, Fallout Shelter, Guns of Glory, Greed City, and Chess. I even installed bitcoin miner, bitcoins apps, and even an Ethereum miner to maximize its potential, internet usage, and hardware capabilities. As of last week, I uninstalled the Ethereum miner since it was a scam miner app which does not pay. The bitcoin miner on my Nokia Lumia is even better because I already received two payouts of Satoshis.

So far, as a gamer, I have successfully installed several mobile games which ran smoothly in my Firefly Magnum Aurii.

The number of times dropped:

  1. November 20, 2017
  2. November 23, 2017
  3. December 24, 2017
  4. December 26, 2017

Games installed:

  1. Ingress
  2. Asphalt 8
  3. Greed City
  4. Chess dot com
  5. Cover Fire
  6. Guns of Glory
  7. Fallout Shelter
  8. Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings

Games installed but not compatible:

  1. Age of Empires: Castle Siege – not compatible
  2. Pokemon Go – not compatible

My final verdict(s), buy this phone for its battery and screen size plus its bloatware-less status and affordable price. Do not buy this phone if you are a Pokemon Go gamer and if you want to have a 4G-capable mobile phone already.

74th Birthday of Mama

this is another personal post…

My wife and I celebrated her mother-in-law / my Mom’s 74th birthday in our place. For the first time and after a long time, it was a memorable birthday celebration, yet so simple. It was her 74th birthday per record but according to her, it was her 75th birthday.  Nevertheless, it was still our gift to her.


After a long time

this is a personal post…

I and my mother traveled to our place in Baguio, amidst the traffic and fully-booked Joybus bus stations in Pasay and Cubao, we were able to buy a ticket in Doroteo Jose courtesy of the helpful call of the guy in the Pasay Joybus terminal. He called that we are accommodated for a 5PM bus at Doroteo Jose. He did not hesitate in calling for a reservation which is really an act of kindness. I was also able to buy supplies for our business, too.

My Run Using My New Shoes

this is a personal review post


Photo was taken using my Lenovo A5000


This is actually my nth run using my new green shoes. It is a Merrell minimalist style of shoes. I tried using it for walking first when we went to Los Baños, Laguna last 22 September 2017 for my graduation at UPOU. It was tolerable for walking and I was able to adjust to its specifications.

When I tried using it for the first time for running which I first did last 26 September 2017,  the feeling was different. Being used to running shoes with thick midsoles on it, using the Merrell Trail Glove 2 is totally contrastive. It is like running barefoot with slight or lesser impact because of the inner soles. I can really feel the impact and my calf muscles are really vibrating while running.

The inner sole is made of EVA or Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which is an environmental-friendly elastic copolymer with rubber-like similarities and does not use chlorine in its production process plus it is a recyclable material for playgrounds or industrial mats. For being a cruelty-free and synthetic shoe material, it is usually a favorite material in vegan shoes or vegetarian shoes.



Benefit Run for a Lupus Warrior

Join and help Karen Caoili, a Lupus patient.


This is a benefit run for Karen Caoili who is diagnosed with Lupus.

Registration will be done on-site on the day of the event which is on 17 December 2017. A date easy to remember — 17/12/17.

Registration fees are very affordable with rates of Php 250.00 for 5K runners and Php 150.00 for 3K participants.

Time of registration will be at 4:30 AM in Burnham Lake Drive.




This is the era of bitcoins.


This is just one of the bitcoin faucets I have joined in.


This is it. It is the era of bitcoins and it’s already the end of 2017. You and I must have bitcoins, too.

I was caught in the Bitcoin storm surge last week when I saw a video online from a Filipino who is into Bitcoin also.

I signed up last week at coins dot ph which is the preliminary stage for owning bitcoins in the Philippines since you need to have a bitcoin wallet in order to have your own bitcoins. I bought a few bitcoins using my coins dot ph account and I will be updating for my first payout to see the legitimacy of these paying bitcoin miners and faucets.

These are the bitcoin faucets that I have signed up with:

These are the bitcoin miners that I have joined:

You only need to click the claim button, do the recaptcha image which is used by the system to verify you as a human user since there are bots that are used by some users, and finally, click the submit button or claim now button for you to earn a few satoshi which is the smallest unit of bitcoins.

Remember, you need to have bitcoin wallet in order to buy and sell bitcoins. You can register for one here at coins dot ph which is very useful for Filipinos.

There are many other wallets available out there, you only need to search for it. Search, read, research, research, research before you sign up and join.