Run For A Smoke Free Baguio 2017

Support the smoke-free activity for Baguio City.



Visit Baguio City and join the activity that promotes non-smoking activities and makes Baguio City smoke-free starting this year 2017.

Smoke-Free Baguio fun run will be held on 19 November 2017 at Burnham Lake Drive, Baguio City.

Registration fees for the different categories are the following:

  • 3K – Php 250.00
  • 5K – Php 300.00
  • 10K – Php 450.00

All runners will have a singlet and a bib upon payment of registration fees. Registration already started last 25 October 2017 and is ongoing until 17 November 2017.

You can register at the City Sports, Health Service Office, Athletic Bowl. You may call them at the City Sports contact number of (074) 300-6500 local 2411 or the RF Sports at (0936) 911-3845.

Join and help protect the environment. Help make Baguio City smoke-free.


Loakan Baptist Church Fun Run 2017

This is a fun run in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Loakan Baptist Church Christian Education Center.


On 18 November 2017, a fun run will be held in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Loakan Baptist Church Christian Education Center in Baguio City.

Registration fees for the following event include Php 150.00 for 3K and 5K adult categories; Php 200.00 for 10K adult categories. Student prices are also available wherein students can pay Php 100.00 for the 3K and 5K categories as well as Php 150.00 for the 10K category.

Registration forms are available at the Loakan Baptist Church Christian Education Center at 01 Cuderao, Loakan Proper, Baguio City.

You may also contact the following for additional information:

  • (0948) 149-6040
  • (0999) 327-3103
  • (074) 423 1798
  • (074) 619-0271

You can visit the Facebook page of Loakan Baptist Church Christian Education Center at this link:

Assembly time is at five in the morning in Burnham Lake, Baguio City.


Support AFP in Marawi by Joining the 6th Heroes Run 2017

Support AFP troops by joining in the Heroes Run for 2017.

Source: Baguio Running Wall

Heroes Run, now in its sixth year has been helping different communities and different sectors. For this time of joining the Baguio Leg of Heroes Run 2017, you will be helping the dependents of the casualties during the war in Marawi City.

Registration fees for the different categories are as follows:

  • 21K – Php 850.00
  • 10K – Php 600.00
  • 5K – Php 550.00
  • 3K – Php 500.00

You can register at the Philippine Military Academy in Loakan Road or at Chris Sports at SM City Baguio.

This event will be happening on 26 November 2017.

Visit Baguio and register now and enjoy and explore the grounds of Philippine Military Academy when you register. Support the efforts of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in promoting peace and order and eliminating acts of terrorism.

8th Run For Hope in Baguio

Join the fun in the eight year of the Run For Hope event in celebration of the Children’s Month.


Run For Hope which is now in year eight, is happening on 26 November 2017 in Baguio City.

Registration is ongoing which already started last 27 September 2017 and there will be meaningful and fun surprises especially for small kids.

Registration sites are inside SLU Main Campus and SLU St. Mary Heights Campus as well as inquire at the guard post inside the Laperal Building in Session Road, Baguio City.

Those interested to join which are living outside Baguio City may opt to pay online using the details below.

  • Bank of the Philippines Island
  • Account Number 0560-0029-71

Scan and email your details to or you may contact 0915-541-5501 for any other information.

Registration fees for non-students are as follows:

  • 3K – Php 350.00
  • 5K – Php 450.00
  • 10K – Php 550.00
  • 16K – Php 600.00
  • 42K – Php 900.00

Registration fees for students are as follows:

  • 3K – Php 300.00
  • 5K – Php 350.00
  • 10K – Php 500.00
  • 16K – Php 550.00
  • 42K – Php 750.00

Finisher shirts and finisher’s medal will be given to 16K and 42K participants who completed the race.

This charity event will benefit the SLU Halfway Home for Boys.


Lazada Going Paperless Already?

Lazada Philippines’ paperless delivery via Ninja Van.


Source: Photo Collage using my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime


I received one of the three items I ordered last 21 October 2017 from Lazada Philippines. Fortunately, it was within schedule, using Standard Shipping on the delivery schedule of Monday 23 to Thursday 26, October 2017.

The item that I purchased was a Davis D-201 Digital Keyboard (Black) with Free Learning Module and Global Stand worth ₱ 2,123.00 (at the time I purchased it online) with no warranty available. It was a replacement for the old mini digital keyboard used by my one-year-old son.

The item was delivered in good condition, properly packaged and within the specified delivery schedule time frame. It has complete packaging including the mini-microphone, adapter, and a free Learning Module and Global Stand. It has basic specifications including:

  • 54 Keys
  • 20 Timbres 10 Rhythms
  • 10 Percussions
  • 8 Demonstration Songs
  • Demo one Demo All
  • Master& Accom volume control Vibrato Sustain
  • Sync l Fill-In d Stop l Tempo Control Single Finger Fingered Chord
  • One Key Follow
  • Rhythm Programming Function Record& Playback
  • Speaker Output With Microphone

And, I was only expecting a small item. I did not expect it to be almost 30 inches in length. 

I have been a member of Lazada since 29 April 2013 and also a share of minor inconveniences charged to experience as a Lazada patron. Despite that,  I still choose and use the Lazada system for the convenience of shopping online and the availability of items which are sometimes hard to find in shopping malls plus the wide array of items and sellers to choose from.

I wrote this post because this is the first time that I received an item from Lazada without me signing on a piece of paper, literally. I signed on the cell phone or mobile phone of the delivery guy from Ninja Van although he was not riding in a van that time, he delivered using a motorcycle. He also called when he was in front of our place already and also sent a text since I was not able to answer his call because I was sleeping from being a night shift income earner. It was a good thing that he waited for a few minutes and upon reading his text, I immediately woke up and rise and received the Digital Keyboard for my son. It was 10 in the morning.

I guessed Lazada is already using a DocuSign mobile app or any other electronic signature technology and digital transaction management service for their delivery system which is quite efficient and effective. Maybe it was just the Ninja Van courier service since most of the items I received were delivered via LBC, 2Go and Air 21 wherein I still sign a delivery receipt paper.

This is a non-related running post but posted personally without any payment received from Lazada. This is a post from a satisfied Lazada customer like me.

Another Disappointing Moment in Ingress

Not again.


Source: Screenshot using my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime


It should have been an Onyx Guardian portal badge already but a Resistance Ingress player demolished that goal of mine. Three days is all I need to achieve my first ever Onyx Ingress badge but it was all gone. Another five months or one hundred fifty days of controlling a portal consecutively.

Five months of waiting again and looking for a perfect Guardian Portal. Guardian portals are really elusive and very hard to maintain in Ingress. Even with a very good tactical gameplay, once a Resistance is monitoring your gameplay, it is really anfractuous.