Pokemon Go on a Night Run

Your main concern is your health, not your Pokemon wealth.

I tried to run a while ago here in our area to feel the night and de-stress myself from my upcoming first quiz in Data Communications and Networking. Aside from these reasons, the third reason was to catch, hopefully, Pokemons and also try to experience if it will be a good Pokemon night while running at the same time to gain experience points and level up in Pokemon Go.

Two observations and two tips for my night run tonight, September 22, 2016.

  1. It was still lagging. – Although I am connected via a wifi hotspot of my other cellphone which is a Nokia Windows phone and has a Sun mobile network, it still lags. After almost 10 minutes of running, my character did not move and was stuck in the same spot even though my running was slow due to the ascending pace for an ascending road. The connection should be stable already especially in an open space.
  2. It works best in the morning. – The internet connection was still stable, but when I passed on a dark area of the road, it was not connecting since I restarted the app to refresh it but still it was not connecting. It was the really total darkness that you can only feel the leaves of the trees moving, and a white noise was the sound that you can hear while running.

    Pokestop. A glimpse of a too far away poke stop.
  3. It is safe to run near your area at night. – If you are doing a night run while hoping to catch Pokemons, make sure you are running near your area, and you know the place you are running at.
  4. Your main concern is your health, not your Pokemon wealth. The Pokemon catching is just a sideway trip on your night run trip.

    Poke Balls. got these even though pokestop is too far away.

Conclusion, maybe it really depends on the stability of your mobile phone’s network connection, be it in a closed area, open space, morning hours or night time. By the way, I was able to catch a Pidgey in this night run, but I transferred it already for a Pidgey candy.

Running event for September 25, 2016

The Last Stand of Yamashita Trail Run on September 25, 2016

I am not a Team Malaya member, and I am just promoting this event since I am satisfied with Team Malaya’s choices of running places to run at. I have already run from few running events coordinated and organized by Team Malaya such as the Pine Tree Marathon (Fifth and Final leg of Cordillera Series) held last January 25, 2015, Sagada Marathon 2015 (1st leg of the Cordillera Series Reloaded) held last February 15, 2015, and Benguet Gold Rush (Final leg of Mountain Man Series) held last November 29, 2015. I have run solo on the former, ran with my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) to the next, and ran with my brother on the latter, respectively.

This is also a running event in the Cordillera region in which Baguio is a part of, and it is just right for me to post about this. Unfortunately, I will not be able to run in this event so I am just promoting this one. This will start and finish in the Yamashita Shrine in Kiangan, Ifugao and 50k runners will be able to see the beauty of nature as they pass in places such as Nagacadan Rice Terraces, Galong bridge, Mt Napulawan, Balentimol Falls, and Mungkilat Falls.

For those who want to know something about Kiangan, Kiangan-Ifugao travel guide is a good starting reference on the web that I found which was only posted last February 23, 2016.

Source: https//www.facebook.com/teammalaya.org/

The Last Stand of Yamashita Trail Run-2nd leg of #MountainManSeries (March to Victory) was originally slated to happen on the  70th VICTORY DAY anniversary of Ifugao remembering the surrender of Japanese Imperial Army General Tomoyuki Yamashita, hence the name of the event. But due to bad weather on September 2, 2016, it was rescheduled on September 25, 2016.

For registration details, follow this link: The Last Stand of Yamashita (Mountain Man 2 of 3) 2016 and Team Malaya.

Run four goals

My four running goals to finish before the year 2016 ends.

It’s “BER” months already and I still have three months left to run four goals. Since 2017 is fast approaching and now that I have more time to run, my four goals for long distance running until 2016 ends will not include paid events, rather it is a more personal long-distance runs which I have aimed when I was still an 8-5 worker. Now that I am free, I can manage to run four goals.

First goal is to run from Bakakeng road up to the corner of Shilan-Bekkel road via Ambuklao road then back home.

After this, my second goal is to run from Bakakeng road up to the corner of Pico-Lamtang road  via Naguilian road then back home.

Source: http://www.cityofpines.com

Third goal is to run from Bakakeng road up to the highway tunnel in Aspiras-Palispis highway (Marcos highway) then back home. The landmark will be the Dinosaurs Island which is a place that I have not yet visited.

Fourth and last goal is to run the western link circumferential road that interconnects Naguilian road and Marcos highway.

Next year, 2017, I will be targeting more runs that are mostly trail runs.

First blog post-run

pondering on this first post while watching networking and database fundamentals…

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

I quoted the above paragraph which is the default post that you will see when you create your blog or website in WordPress. I like to keep that paragraph to remind me of this first post using WordPress. I have used other sites for blogging and although I registered before, now is the right time that I can start using WordPress for another blog project.

It is raining here as of the time of writing and I am posting while watching networking fundamentals for my networking subject and database fundamentals for my database management systems subject in UPOU.

This will be my list of runs, past and present, to remind me of what I was and what I am now as a runner. I will have to do a backtrack of all the running events that I have joined and I may add good and bad posts about running like running tips, running shoes, running heroes and heroines, running trivia, running videos, running songs, running events and schedules and any other running posts and articles about running that I may find interesting enough to post here. ♥