Ingress Achievements 2017 – Silver Connector

Silver Badge – Connector

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

I was not able to monitor my game play today. I did not noticed that I already have a silver connector badge in Ingress. I was able to achieved 1,002 links already. I only noticed the badge when I logged in at home already.

Ingress Silver Connector Badge is the second level badge an agent received upon creating 1,000 links. An Ingress agent connects portals by linking them in order to create fields which has points also as well as control mind units. Linking portals is the preliminary step before an agent can create a field. Hence, linking portals is also a way to disrupt an enemy agent’s plan of creating fields since a link cannot cross an existing link. Linking is not also possible when the specific portals are inside a field. An agent needs to wait for the field to be destroyed or the agent may destroy the field if he or she can.

Ingress Achievements 2017 – Platinum Sojourner

Platinum Badge – Sojourner

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

This is another personal achievement for my Ingress gameplay. This is my first Platinum badge for my Ingress game and I was supposed to get this Platinum Ingress badge months ago but unfortunate events forced me to stopped hacking for two days and so my Sojourner counting of days was reset.

It returned back to zero again after I missed two days of hacking. My sojourner statistics stopped counting. I really regret not playing for those two days. It was such a waste of time and effort of 120 days or 4 months of continuous hacking just to get a Sojourner badge which is, I think or guess, is the easiest badge to get especially since three portals are very near in our house. It was only 335 metres away based on the Navigation feature of the game scanner and getting to those three (3) portals are just equivalent to a few minutes of walking and standing. It is a good form of short exercise, too. Anyway, I guess it was destiny that played during that time and now I was able to achieved my first ever Platinum Ingress badge. Even though I had my worst flu ever in the past week, I still was able to hack with one hacking activity done by my wife. I did not want to waste the efforts and just throw away the experience during those hacking days. Tomorrow, I will continue hacking again and it will be another one hundred eighty (180) more days to achieve an Onyx Sojourner Ingress badge but I try my best not to stop hacking and hopefully by January next year, 2018, I will be able to achieve my first ever Onyx badge.

Each Ingress badge have five (5) different tiers, except Founder and event badges and they are as follows:

  • Bronze (lowest)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Onyx/Black (highest)



Ingress Achievements 2017 – Perfect AP Score 5555555

I was able to achieved perfect AP score of 5,555,555 last 31 July 2017.

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

I was able to achieved another once in a lifetime perfect AP score of straight 5555555 digits. This is not easy to achieve as an Ingress player since you only get to level up only once and get AP scores based on your actions. AP or Access Points which are often called Action Points, are the experience points of Ingress. Most gameplay actions have equivalent points for an agent or an Ingress player such as deploying Resonators, destroying Links, and creating Fields, and these points contribute to his or her Access Level. Achieving perfect AP score is already an achievement since an agent can only achieve certain number of AP based on their current levels.

Levels and needed AP/Medals:

  • L1 Agent = 0 AP
  • L2 Agent = 2,500 AP
  • L3 Agent = 20,000 AP
  • L4 Agent = 70,000 AP
  • L5 Agent = 150,000 AP
  • L6 Agent = 300,000 AP
  • L7 Agent = 600,000 AP
  • L8 Agent = 1,200,000 AP
  • L9 Agent =  2,400,000 AP + 1 gold 4 silver
  • L10 Agent = 4,000,000 AP + 2 gold 5 silver
  • L11 Agent = 6,000,000 AP + 4 gold 6 silver
  • L12 Agent = 8,400,000 AP + 6 gold 7 silver
  • L13 Agent = 12,000,000 AP + 1 Platinum 7 Gold
  • L14 Agent = 17,000,000 AP + 2 Platinum 7 Gold
  • L15 Agent = 24,000,000 AP + 3 Platinum 7 Gold
  • L16 Agent = 40,000,000 AP + 2 Black 4 Platinum 7 Gold

Based on the list above, at my current level which is Level 10, I can only achieve a once-in-a-lifetime score of 5,555,555 before I reach level 11.


3rd Linked Lives – Enlightenment Ingress

This year’s theme is “Makiisa” (Join)

Ingress is not just about gaming. We also help others by donating blood.


This is a charity event by Enlightenment Ingress group from Baguio City, NCR, Cavite, and Butuan. It will be held simultaneously on selected sites nationwide as well as worldwide wherein it will be held at selected sites in Singapore, Japan, Rio de Janeiro, and Vancouver.

Join and help save lives. Be a blood donor on 24 June 2017.

Perfect Ascending Score Starting at 3 up to 9

Yet another AP perfect number combination for my Ingress game.

I was able to achieve another milestone in my Ingress gaming by achieving a perfect ascending score of 3,456,789. I have to monitor my Ingress gaming before I can get this one. Getting a score such as this is already an achievement for me at my level, which is currently at level 9. Scores such as this are once in a game time only since you level up in the game of Ingress and you cannot score backwards.

Screenshot of my Perfect AP Score of 3,456,789 at Level 9

This also makes my gaming more interesting instead of just attacking enemy portals and hacking items, which continuously overflow my inventory. Therefore, instead of worrying of which items to recycle for additional exotic matter or XM or worse, drop items in order to hack and earn action points or AP, I just went gaming and focusing on achieving perfect combination scores.

My next goal will be a perfect 4 score, which is 4,000,000, which is the next required Action Points score for getting level 10. This goal is only for the scoring system and not for the entire game itself. An Ingress player can achieve other goals for a game badge that symbolises achievement. My goal of finishing perfect number scores does not have an equivalent game badge since this is just a personal campaign in order to have an interesting gameplay.

This kind of gameplay does not consume most of my running time since I need to ignore any portals be it a friendly or an enemy portal. I do not need to stop every time I pass by a portal. I only need to follow the right combinations for achieving a set of the perfect  score. In addition, after achieving perfect combination scores, I usually let it be for two days. I only hack friendly portals since this will not add any action points for my current standing.