Ingress Sojourner Disrupted Again

This is the third time that it happened, the continuous hacking streak was disrupted.


My goal for achieving 360 days of the continuous hacking streak was disrupted again. I just saw it this afternoon when my Current Hacking Streak was back to 2 days and when I tried restarting the game tonight, it was 3 days. It was really a bad trip moment since the Current Hacking Streak of my wife was 140 days, to think that it was a continuous hacking both at the same time. I do not know what happened or maybe the time of the Ingress game was really dysfunctional or it was the Internet issues with the Globe Postpaid. It was back to 3 days. It was really a sorrowful Ingress moment since I have to hack again until I reached 360 days to have an Onyx Sojourner Ingress badge.

Another Disappointing Moment in Ingress

Not again.


Source: Screenshot using my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime


It should have been an Onyx Guardian portal badge already but a Resistance Ingress player demolished that goal of mine. Three days is all I need to achieve my first ever Onyx Ingress badge but it was all gone. Another five months or one hundred fifty days of controlling a portal consecutively.

Five months of waiting again and looking for a perfect Guardian Portal. Guardian portals are really elusive and very hard to maintain in Ingress. Even with a very good tactical gameplay, once a Resistance is monitoring your gameplay, it is really anfractuous.

Ingress Achievements 2017 – Silver Engineer

Another late post about my Ingress badge achievements.

ingress silver engineer badge 08302017
Source: Screenshot using my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

This is another late update about my Ingress gameplay. I received the Silver Engineer badge in Ingress last 30 August 2017, the day I turned thirty-eight.

I was not able to monitor my gameplay during the time I got this badge since I was not able to capture or make a screenshot of the pop-up every time a new badge level was achieved while playing Ingress.

Silver Engineer badge is attained as soon as the Ingress player was able to deploy 1,500 mods while upgrading hacked or captured portals. This is not an easy feat to achieve since the Ingress gamer can only deploy a maximum of two mods per portal gained. If there are no more slots, the Ingress player needs to find another portal with vacant mod slots.

A Very Disappointing Moment in Ingress

240 Days of portal hacking lost with wasted efforts.

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime mobile phone

This was written on 4 October 2017 at 23:56 PM, the day I received my graduation photos from Laguna.

I was shocked to see that my current hacking streak was back to ZERO. It was really grueling to see that it was reset to zero. This is the second time that it happened and it was a sad moment. I thought it was just a glitched and I even hacked three portals near our place just to see if there was a glitch, but, to no avail. It was really reset to ZERO.

All the efforts wasted in just a blink of an eye and in a split second. I do not know what happened. I do not want to think about it any more. I immediately researched if other Ingress players had an experience similar to this issue and it is really a happening, a moment of wasted time and efforts in hacking. In my case, I braved the storms and even when I was sick with influenza which was the worst flu I had experience, I still managed to hack. I did my best to hack since the portals are only near us which is almost 330 metres far from our abode.

I will have to do it again for the third time and hopefully the last time of continuous portal hacking. This Sojourner Ingress badge is really the hardest to achieve aside from the Guardian Portal Ingress badge. It’s a continuous effort of portal hacking for 360 days to achieve the Onyx Sojourner Ingress badge while the Onyx Guardian Portal Ingress badge is achievable after 150 days of maintaining a portal with your own deployed resonators.

Ingress Achievements 2017 – Platinum Guardian

My second platinum badge in Ingress, the hard-earned Guardian Platinum badge.

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

This is my late update about my Ingress gameplay. This is my second platinum badge in Ingress which is really tough to achieve since a player must capture a portal by deploying a resonator of preferred strength and then maintain its stronghold for a number of days. In this case, ninety days for the fourth level which is the Platinum badge.

It was good enough that I was able to maintain it for ninety days since it is really hard to find a portal that will withstand constant farming by being hacked every now and then. An Ingress player must find a good portal strategically located which will be seldom or most probably, not visited by any common player.

I was fortunate to find portals inside the resting grounds of mortals and was able to maintain it every day by constantly recharging which also adds to the total number of Action Points or AP. Now, since the day I got my Platinum Guardian badge, I only need to maintain its stronghold for sixty more days or two months to receive my first ever Onyx badge in Ingress. I already have thirty days left as of this writing and hopefully, a rival player will not detect it as my GP or Guardian Portal.


Ingress Achievements 2017 – Silver Connector

I never noticed that I already have another silver badge which is the Connector Silver badge in Ingress.

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

I was not able to monitor my game play today. I did not noticed that I already have a silver connector badge in Ingress. I was able to achieved 1,002 links already. I only noticed the badge when I logged in at home already.

Ingress Silver Connector Badge is the second level badge an agent received upon creating 1,000 links. An Ingress agent connects portals by linking them in order to create fields which has points also as well as control mind units. Linking portals is the preliminary step before an agent can create a field. Hence, linking portals is also a way to disrupt an enemy agent’s plan of creating fields since a link cannot cross an existing link. Linking is not also possible when the specific portals are inside a field. An agent needs to wait for the field to be destroyed or the agent may destroy the field if he or she can.

Ingress Achievements 2017 – Platinum Sojourner

I got my first platinum badge in Ingress which is the Sojourner Platinum badge.

Source: Screenshot using Lenovo A5000

This is another personal achievement for my Ingress gameplay. This is my first Platinum badge for my Ingress game and I was supposed to get this Platinum Ingress badge months ago but unfortunate events forced me to stopped hacking for two days and so my Sojourner counting of days was reset.

It returned back to zero again after I missed two days of hacking. My sojourner statistics stopped counting. I really regret not playing for those two days. It was such a waste of time and effort of 120 days or 4 months of continuous hacking just to get a Sojourner badge which is, I think or guess, is the easiest badge to get especially since three portals are very near in our house. It was only 335 metres away based on the Navigation feature of the game scanner and getting to those three (3) portals are just equivalent to a few minutes of walking and standing. It is a good form of short exercise, too. Anyway, I guess it was destiny that played during that time and now I was able to achieved my first ever Platinum Ingress badge. Even though I had my worst flu ever in the past week, I still was able to hack with one hacking activity done by my wife. I did not want to waste the efforts and just throw away the experience during those hacking days. Tomorrow, I will continue hacking again and it will be another one hundred eighty (180) more days to achieve an Onyx Sojourner Ingress badge but I try my best not to stop hacking and hopefully by January next year, 2018, I will be able to achieve my first ever Onyx badge.

Each Ingress badge have five (5) different tiers, except Founder and event badges and they are as follows:

  • Bronze (lowest)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Onyx/Black (highest)