The Last Stand of Yamashita 2017 Trail Run

Challenge yourself in this onerous run which is part of the Mountain Man series of Team Malaya.

Source: Facebook Page of Team Malaya

Team Malaya Philippines is once again organizing a 2017 trail run dubbed as “The Last Stand of Yamashita” which is part of their Mountain Man series of runs.

Two categories will be part of this trail run. 21-kilometre and 50-kilometre categories. This will be held on 3 September 2017 at Kiangan, Ifugao.

Registration fees will be Php 1,500.00 for the 21-kilometre category that will be inclusive of personalized bibs, post-run meals, certificates, medals and shirts for finishers. The registration fee for the 50-kilometre category is Php 2,500.00 that will be inclusive of personalized bibs, post-run meals, certificates, medals and shirts for finishers.
There will be cut-off times for the two categories.
  • 50-kilometre category
    • Aid Station 1 (AS1) – 6 hours, 12PM (Start/finish)
    • Aid Station 4 (AS4) – 10 hours, 4PM
    • Finish line – 14 hours Total,  7PM
  •  21-kilometre category
    • Aid Station 4 (AS4) – 3 hours
    • Finish line – 7 hours, 12PM
Mandatory requirements for all runners regardless of category:
  • written waiver (to be given at the race venue
  • headlight especially for runners of the 50-kilometre category
  • fully-charged mobile phone (save the Race Director’s number which is 09057791081 and please text or call if you encounter any emergencies)
  • water carrier, bladder, or bottles with that can hold at least 1,000 ml for 21-kilometre participants and 2,000 ml for 50-kilometre runners
  • cups will not be provided in the aid stations for protection of the trails but you can just refill your hydration carriers or bottles at the aid stations and please DO NOT DRINK straight from the container
  • whistle for both 21-kilometre and 50-kilometre participants
  • rain jacket for 50-kilometre runners
  • food with 2,000 calories for the 50-kilometre runners and food with 1,000 calories the for 21-kilometre participants

Registration will be done by bank deposits. Kindly deposit using the following details:

  • Stephen Lopez Felices
  • BPI Account Number 8126 1062 94

Email a copy of your deposit slip at or send a message at

Please indicate your name, category of the event you are joining and your shirt size.

The following are for references purposes on how to go to the race venue:

  • From Manila to Lagawe
    • Ohayami Trans
    • Dangwa Bus
      • (GV Florida Transport (Dangwa Transport Co.), EDSA cor Kamuning St (known as KAMIAS), Quezon City)
      • Departure Time: 10:00PM
      • Duration: 8-10hrs
      • Fare: 485 Pesos
    • Coda Lines (with shuttle service to Kiangan)
  • From Baguio City to Lagawe
    • Ohayami Bus
      • (Beside Chowking , Burnham Park, Baguio City)
      • Departure Time:
      • Duration: 8.5hrs (Via Pangasinan)
      • Fare: 350Pesos
      • From Lagawe, take a jeepney or a tricycle to Kiangan.
    • Terraces Van transport
      • (Otek St. Burnham Park, Baguio City)
      • Departure Time: 8:30AM to 6:30PM every 2-3hrs
      • Duration: 5hrs
      • From Lagawe, take a jeepney or a tricycle to Kiangan.
    • ITTAG Van transport
      • (T, Alonzo Street, Baguio City)
      • Departure Time: 7:30AM to 6:30PM, every 2-3hrs
      • Duration: 5hrs
      • Fare: 330Pesos
      • From Lagawe, take a jeepney or a tricycle to Kiangan.
  • From Baguio to Kiangan
    • Coda Lines
      • Chanum St. cor. OTEK St. (beside Rizal Monument, Baguio City)
      • VAN Departure Time: 9PM
      • Duration: 6 hours
      • Fare: 400 Pesos
The following are the available accommodations at the Hungduan, Ifugao:
  • Bugan’s Homestay – 09263802090
  • Pearl’s Hungduan Homestay – 09173071789
  • Rowena Sicat – 09162085560
  • Arrianes Homestay – 09263678511
  • Naya Flor Lodge – 09263161651
  • Giovanie’s Place – 09154156585
  • Hungduan Hostel – 09175078988


Brain Attack Awareness Run 2017

Celebrate Brain Attack Awareness Month this August 2017.


Baguio General Hospital & Medical Center-Department of Neurology is celebrating Brain Attack Awareness Month this August 2017 by organizing a run dubbed as “UTAKBO! Takbo Laban sa Atake sa Utak” against stroke on 12 August 2017.

Registration fees for the different race categories are as follows:

  • 21 kilometre – Php 750.00 inclusive of Dri fit T-shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal and certificate.
  • 10 kilometre – Php 550.00 inclusive of Dri fit T-shirt, race bib and finishers’s certificate.
  • 5 kilometre – Php 450.00 inclusive of Dri fit T-shirt, race bib and finisher’s certificate.
  • 3 kilometre – Php 350.00 inclusive of Dri fit T-shirt, race bib,finisher’s certificate

Medals will be given to top three finishers. The youngest and oldest runner will also received medals.

Event Organizer:

    Contact Information: 09175476404
    (074) 442-4216 local (689)

For registration:

  • Neuroscience Staff
    BGHMC Flavier Building
    Medicine 3rd floor, Neuroscience or
    (074) 442-4216 local (689)
  • Department of Health-CAR
    Ms. Victoria Malicdan
    Ms. Moida-Jade Binwag
  • Ms. Cheryl Alipit
    Great Faith Diagnostic Center
    Km.4 La Trinidad, Benguet or
    Benguet Laboratories across Sunshine Park

Registration form can also be availed at the Security Desk at Laperal Building, Session Road, Baguio City.


Gotad Ad Ifugao Trekathon 2017

The First Ever Trekathon in the Gotad Ad Ifugao Festival for 2017

Source: Gotan Ad Ifugao Facebook Page

The grand prize for the first trekathon for Gotad Ad Ifugao Festival held last 17 June 2017 was successfully collected by Ifugao runner Randy Dulnuan who against 300 other runners in the 21-kilometre category of the trekathon. He was triumphant in finishing at a first place with a time of 08:07:30 or eight (8) hours, seven (7) minutes, and thirty (30) seconds while Drexel Dino had a time of 8:11:00 taking up the second place and Archie Dave Gawe became the third placer with a time of 8:11:30.

The event coincided with the 51st founding anniversary of the province of Ifugao. The trekathon started at Kiangan Yamashita Shrine with a route that consisted of fascinating sectors including  Bilong, Imbuliklik Rock, Bayninan Open Air Museum, Wingiyon, Bae Rice Terraes, Ambuwaya Lake, Habian, Tandi Mungayang, Cudog, Dullagan and the Lagawe Central School open gym which was the ending point of the trekathon.

It was worthy to mention James Tellias who was a “King of the Mountain” veteran finishing in the fourth place garnering a time of 8:14:20 and Arnel Recopderto who completed the top five (5) elite runners with at time of 8:22:30 finishing 5th place. There was also a special award given to Vermose Ayluna Jr. for finishing the category in 8:34:40.

For the distaff side or the ladies who won in the 21-kilometre category, it was Arlene Uyammi who won the first place with a time of 8:46:22, while the second place was captured by Elmimie Damuggo with a time of 8:51:50 and Maribel Bogbog completed the race with a time of 9:05:50 and became the third place runner of the trekathon.

For the 10-kilometre category, Benzon Binwag was the top finisher with a time of 7:01:13 and Arnel Lucain came a few minutes after with a time of  7:06:13 and Noel Tangid completing the top three (3) finishers with a time of 7:09:10. The distaff side or the ladies winning the top three (3) places for the 10-kilometre category was dominated by Mildred Atluna with a time of 7:25:13 while Mitchie Dacawe was closed enough with a time of 7:26:30 becoming the second finisher and Alyssa Beth Luglug finishing third place with a time of 7:27:59.

The 10-kilometre route consisted of Kiangan Yamashita Shrine,  Ambabag, Bae Tice terraces, Ambuwaya Lake, Habian Bridge, Bahawit, ifsu Lagawe, pdwh, Dullagan and the Lagawe Central School.

185 participants in the 21-kilometre category and 114 participants in the 10-kilometre category was the recorded number of participants consisting of elite and amateur runners for the first ever Trekathon of Gotad Ad Ifugao festival.

“Gotad” is an Ifugao term for celebration, or large gathering for thanksgiving, generally, it is a celebration for “people, culture and progress”.


Bugan Ad Ifugao 2017
Gotad ad Ifugao 2017
Ifugao runner outwits foes
Gotad ad Ifugao 2017 opens
Gotad Ad Ifugao

Rice Terraces Marathon 2017 Race Results

Race Results courtesy of Team Malaya.

A total of 42 21-kilometre runners and 13 42-kilometre runners pushed their limits in the Rice Terraces Marathon last 28 May 2017 at Hungduan, Ifugao.

Photo courtesy of Wilfredo Daoas

Rice Terraces Marathon 2017 : Rice Terraces Marathon – Year 4 was organized by Team Malaya.

Argie Cabrera M 48:53.4 1
Caesar Lledo M 54:01.1 2
Gail M. Madrilejos F 09:06.4 3
Wilfredo Daoas M 15:08.5 4
Jester Leander M 20:51.7 5
Ligaya Rose I. Ayan F 26:15.2 6
Tomas Pascual M 32:42.9 7
Alexander Tengson M 35:07.8 8
Ma. Athena Bulay F 39:21.1 9
Jenjy Anne “Jing” M. Pugong F 46:24.8 10
John Prospero Tugade M 55:54.1 11
Benedict Mendoza M 57:11.3 12
Janice A. Salas F 28:57.7 13
Elsie Visperas Ursula F 39:03.5 14
Fidel Caweng Polinario M 39:20.6 15
Eunice Magpantay F 39:23.9 16
Gary Del Castillo M 52:53.2 17
Celso Ravina M 52:54.4 18
Boy Castro M 52:56.2 19
Kimberly Likigan Polinario F 59:07.1 20
Rosalinda Obfan F 59:07.6 21
Mark Anthony Torres M 23:46.5 22
Alex Anday Jr M 23:46.8 23
Dan Gerard Mistica M 30:29.5 24
Rexie Marie Valenciano F 30:41.5 25
Jeremy Valenciano M 30:43.0 26
Benjade Z. Cuales M 45:26.7 27
Flordette A. Cuales F 46:06.0 28
Ronald Mendoza M 51:37.6 29
Jaime Bacani Lui M 51:39.5 30
Doris Bacani Lui F 51:40.1 31
Cherry Cachero F 39:48.6 32
Arturo Ocampo M 59:06.1 33
Nerissa “Rhyz” Sagun F 59:07.4 34
Jhing Asistio F 00:16.0 35
Baby Liza Botor F 01:38.0 36
Rosario Corpuz F 08:18.7 37
Arlene Mendoza F 08:19.9 38
Lewelyn Bacay F 08:20.7 39
Sharon Harina F 08:21.8 40
Karen Mascarenas F 09:08.6 41
Betchay Camatog F 38:22.6 42
Ivan Buyayo M 12:12.6 1
Kevin Paul A. Reblora M 40:31.7 2
Romando T Cumahling M 05:28.9 3
Nelson Bay-ocot M 14:50.9 4
Joven I. Gozum M 24:00.9 5
Evelyn Botin F 56:57.6 6
Randy Cafugauan M 20:20.8 7
Socorro Nasungan F 22:06.7 8
Marlon Dimaranan M 03:21.0 9
Maria Fe Gonzales F 04:04.6 10
Angelita Tuble F 04:05.0 11
Rubelia “Lynne Naz” Nazareno F 55:10.9 12
Trace Abella F 05:27.4 13


Philippine Independence Flag Run

A Flag Run to commemorate the 119th Independence Day of the Philippines.

Source: Emilio Aguinaldo Museum Facebook Page



1K, 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K


1K / 3K – Php 350
5K / 10K – Php 500
21k – Php 750


Bank Deposit

Account Name: General Emilio Aguinaldo Foundation INC
Metro Bank Current Account Number: 007-388-01298-2
*Send deposit slip @

In-Store Registration

*Emilio Aguinaldo Museum – Aguinaldo Park, Happy Glen, Baguio City
*La Peral Building (Security Lobby) – Session Road, Baguio City

*Inclusive of T-shirt, Flaglet, Finsher medal.
*Top placers medal for all categories. ( Top 3 for male and female )
*Trophies for the Top 3 female and male for the 10K and 21K category.


Noble Trends Unbound Foundation – Heroes Run

Source: Noble Trends Unbound Foundation Inc. Heroes Run

Celebrating their 4th year of running on the 28th of May of 2017 and continuing to adopt hunger mitigation among elementary students as a cause is worth becoming a hero for.

Your race does not end at the finish line. Noble Trends Unbound Foundation will be able to feed the kids stomach for 220 days and will also nourish their ’ mind and soul as well, using values and academic enhancement programs specially designed to meet perceived needs in our target location.

Join and run because there is so much that you can do to affect the lives and the future of some children.


Registration sites where Race Kits are available.

1. Noble Trends Unbound Foundation Inc., PEZA Loakan Road Baguio City
2. Patch Cafe, Bloomfield Hotel, Leonard Wood
3. Human Heart Nature, Megatower Building, Sandico Street Baguio City
4. Lucky Ray’s Bonifacio Street, In front of SLU main gate.


ABC Wellness 2017 Race Results

Official Race Results for the ABC Wellness 2017 Run

ABC (Achieving, Believing, Caring) 360 in cooperation with Zen Summit and other sponsors, had a successful Wellness 2017 run in Baguio City, and here are the results of the said race.

Source: ABC360 Facebook Page
Daniel Gezar B. Galindez 253 0:11:57
Warren M. Lagangilang 545 0:11:53
Dennis U. Quijon 212 0:12:59
Rey Mark B. Quezada 548 0:20:43
Alpheign Chanz Chulipa 394 0:20:50
Cielo L. Peñaflor 542 0:23:15
Mark Christian P. Garcia 511 0:37:04
Kevin Roy Kapawen 257 0:42:41
Martiniano Angupa 243 0:43:35
Cesar A. Castañedo Jr. 252 1:23:57
Erwin Bong N. Generalao 541 1:23:58
Cudli Castro 509 1:24:47